Tame Impala cover a Nelly Furtado classic, “Say It Right” live in session for BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac show.

Tame Impala cover a Nelly Furtado classic, “Say It Right” live in session for BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac show.

We’re kicking off with a retrospective exhibition about design heavyweights Anthony ‘Bones’ Harrison (adidas & Arista Records) and Masta Lee (Patta & GOWTU). Both grew up with strong passions for a wide range of countercultures, and a resulting ethos to create in their own individual manners. A curated collection of works and personal artifacts such as sneaker models, ad designs and album covers shed light on a shared belief to create through personal perspectives and intuïtion. Springing from both individual contexts, two bodies of work emerge that deliver unique aesthetics as they truly stand out and break with the regular. Discover how Lee mastered sneaker design through Patta’s collaborative projects, and how Anthony would go on to produce projects for Whitney Houston, Patti Smith, The Notorious BIG, Graham Parker and many more.

Masta Lee (NL)
Coming from a background in skateboarding, DJing, fashion and photography, Lee is a self-taught polymath who’s expertise spans a significant number of creative fields. Born in the 70s, he first handedly experienced the emergence of several countercultural styles and music genres. The indebted attitude to stay true and unique to one’s own stylistic choices still serves as a blueprint and source of inspiration for his creative endeavors. Following his own path of passions would lead Lee to working on some of Patta's most celebrated designs and directing the brand’s media outputs, to now being GOWTU’s Art Director.

Anthony ‘Bones’ Harrison (UK)
From an early age Anthony’s wide ranging taste in musical styles and fashions next to his interests in product packaging, football jerseys and album covers were early predictions towards a career in design. Having started his career through internships at Jive Records and The Source magazine, Anthony landed his first design role at Arista Records rising to Art Director at age 24. Fast forward and he would take on senior roles for global sportswear corporations such as Nike and adidas. As Senior Director of Design Culture at adidas, Anthony’s current role is about inspiring and nurturing the design community.

Commemorative BYBORRE Pouch
In celebration of the occasion, Lee, Anthony and GOWTU turned to their friends at BYBORRE to create a commemorative pouch and fabric. As the design duo ventured into a new medium through BYBORRE’s Create™ textile design software, the resulting knit reads “Do it to death, Do it to do it” in the ever bold Cooper black typeface. J Dilla’s invigorating line in unison with the serif typeface aptly echoes the duo’s shared stance on culturally indebted design that unapologetically follows its own narrative. Free from corporate KPI’s and democratic market conformity, and always from a strong cultural vision and a passion for distinctive aesthetics. The commemorative pouch, produced in a limited run, will be available for purchase at the event.