The Art of Geeking

The Art of Geeking documents five creative individuals; Yué Wu, Malcolm McNeil, Butterscotsh Isle, Quentin Deronzier and Masta Lee. We explore these self-proclaimed geeks and their intricate minds that allow them to propel into the depths of a subject. We dive into into the ateliers, studios and creative worlds that make up their studious practices, artistic approach and inspiring perspectives on the world.

Similar to how the people at Haffmans Neumeister spent years on refining  techniques to manufacture the most exquisite pair of frames, we learn about the journeys of these individuals and their unique capabilities.
Yue Wu
The Art of Geeking documents five creative individuals, self-proclaimed geeks,  and explores their intricate minds that allows them to propel into the depths of a subject.

The Art of Geeking


With over two million subscribers worldwide, within two years SNKRS had evolved from a mobile retail platform dedicated to the most exclusive drops, into a community of true sneaker lovers. As Nike saw the community grow along with the highly involved behavior of its members, they felt it was time to bring the app to the next level. Besides being a place for sneaker heads to find their next gem, Nike wanted the app to become a place for inspiration and education that would resonate with that specific community.


Club Kits ‘21/’22

Make It Last


Wax Casting

The music studios at Red Bull had undergone a complete transition and are now fully equipped with absolute state of the art facilities. Red Bull asked GOWTU to help showcase the studio’s full potential for musicians and creatives.

Over the course of two weeks we worked on a 360 multi-disciplinary creative project named Wax Casting. At the centre was an EP consisting of five tracks produced by Yung Chalé, Mr. Woodcole, Foreign, Antos, Mr. Nice Guy and Patrick Mordi. The complimentary music video, merchandise, lookbook, mixtapes, trailers, cover art and documentary photography were all done in-house. Additionally, we linked up with friend of the agency Quentin Deronzier to create a mind blowing video for the single, WY.
the agency EP

Comfy season

With the launch of Beam, Sonos was looking to gain awareness among a younger, media savvy demographic. The objective was to position Beam as the versatile speaker for the home, experienced through a cultural lens by means of a locally relevant activation.

We teamed up with Dutch hip hop artist Faberyayo, who was about to release a collaborative album with Abel titled Comfy Season; an album all about getting the best out of the fall season and life indoors. In September, Sonos Home Amsterdam was transformed into a modern-day Hype Williams type wonderland, functioning as the center of the entire experience.