After 6 years of experimentation, the electronic music wizard Canblaster is back with a collection of tracks produced between 2017-2023. These tracks were created over these past few years while he was looking for the sound of his forthcoming album, made at different times in different studios, but always with a same core of gears slowly evolving with time, experimenting with synths and modular systems until he found a combination that suits him.

"I’ve been experimenting on modular system for the past 4 years now. Down the rabbit hole, I found my ideal combination between laptop, synths and modular. Some formula I could use for both creating tracks easily and playing live on Twitch every week or on stage. The inspiration is mostly rooted in adolescence. Video games, arcade streets, road trips to UK, Japan culture, these topics always fascinated me when I was younger. The search, of course, is never over, but here’s a selection of tracks from that era, before my first LP which is coming soon."