"NieR:Automata Ver1.1a" is the anime adaption of legendary video game director and scenario writer Yoko Taro’s acclaimed game "NieR:Automata" released in 2017. The action RPG game is regarded by many as a thoughtful work of art and one of the most memorable gaming experiences ever. This game separated itself from the formulaic and predictable through groundbreaking gameplay, ingenious storytelling, unique art style and a phenomenal soundtrack created by master composer Keiichi Okabe.

A-1 Pictures and Aniplex managed to create an adaptation that featured several changes to the story to fit the new medium (as per Yoko Taro's request), while still staying faithful to the original game. As the first season of the anime wrapped up this week, the viewers got a post credit scene confirming that season 2 is in the making. The news isn’t especially surprising, as the series to date has covered only a part of the game’s story, although it’s also introduced a few changes to keep curious fans on their toes. Stay tuned for dates.