Belgian fashion photographer Quentin De Briey has released the fifth instalment of his annual visual journal 'Thank You For Your Business'. In this edition he presents a new collection of personal and editorial photographs taken between September 2014 and December 2022 while De Briey was living in New York. Mostly drawing from the vibrant skateboarding scene, the book features familiar faces like Mark Gonzales, Gino Iannucci and Jason Dill alongside many other interesting people. "I’ve always been inspired by the skateboard culture in America, through the skate videos and magazines, then from all those 70s and 80s movies in NYC”, he says of the project. “I think I tried to capture the rest of this strong identity and authenticity of NYC before globalisation and gentrification took everything away, even if it was very late already.” The book is published and available for purchase via Yvon Lambert.

(All images via Yvon Lambert)