In 2005 a crew in Osaka led by Shinpei Ueno shined a light on the nocturnal artistry of Japanese skateboarding. Through his travels and 15 years crafting the underground video series Lenz, Ueno’s helped to document and spread the quick-footed style and explorations of color and environment that have become a hallmark of his local scene and the Tightbooth’s visual aesthetic. Born out of necessity, the SB Dunk Low by Tightbooth draws from the feeling and freedom of nights in the streets. The SB Dunk Low by Tightbooth releases November 14 in SNKRS.

Directed and Edited by Shinpei Ueno
Cinematography: Naoya Morohashi and Shingo Ogura
Additional Camera Work: Yukihisa Nakamura
Motion graphics: Tomoyuki Kujirai
Soundtrack: YO.AN