Juxtapoz Presents takes a look back at Public Discourse on its 20-year anniversary. The groundbreaking film, one of the first to take an in-depth look at the illegal installation art movement that would become internationally known as "Street Art," was shot in the classic cinema verité style using compact mini-dv and video 8 cameras. This non-fiction film by Brad Downey , Quenell Jones and Tim Hansberry follows the art-making from initial idea through to exhibition, capturing the artists' private and personal moments of exuberance and regret, and presents an in-depth study of the use of subversive messages, mimicking of advertising methods and the presentation of three-dimensional sculptures to the public. Featuring the likes of Ellen Harvey, Obey Giant, Darius Jones, Swoon, Nato, Desa, JJ Veronis, Bob Dombrowski, Rate and more, and original score by Japanther. The film originally screened in winter of 2003.

via Juxtapoz